Schiffsname ANTARES
Ex-Namen KFK 518
Nationalität GB
Heimathafen Ipswitch Suffolk
Typ Fischutter mit Kanuheck
Rigg Gaffelschoner
Baujahr 1946
Bauwerft Fr. Dawartz
Bauort Elbe
Länge (London) 15,80 m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles 19,30 m
Breite 4,90 m
Tiefgang 2,16 m
Motor Segel
Leistung  PS

Über das Schiff

Gaff schooner rig Timber spars
Galvanised steel rigging
All standing and running renewed winter 2006/7
Skysail, fisherman�s topsail, jib, main topsail all by James Lawrence2002
Staysail by James Lawrence 2005
Gaff main and foresail by James Lawrence 2007
Sail and hatch covers 2007
All wooden blocks serviced annually .

Nominal length: 55′ 15,8 m
Length over all: 67′ 19,30 m
Length of deck: 55′ 15,80 m
Beam: 17′ 4,90m
Maximum draft: 7′ 6 2,16 m
Hull material: Wood
Keel type: Full Keel
Displacement: 45 metric tons

Year refitted: 2007

Die Historie

Antares is a Gaff schooner built in 1945/6 on the River Elbe in Germany Oak on Oak, originally as a fishing boat. She was later converted for recreational use and in the 1990’s was used for youth charters on the inland lakes of Holland. The current owner bought her after a comprehensive survey by Martin Evans in 1997 and brought her to the UK. She underwent major refits, monitored by the surveyor, in 1997/8 and 2006/7.
Year refitted: 2007 She has been maintained regardless of cost. All of the surveyor’s recommendations’ have been fully implemented.
Hinweis Ole Pfeiler Sept. 2011

Sept. 2011 verkauft an: ??