Pic: Steve Johnson
The Astrid at Kinsale’s Lobster Quay.

Schiffsname Astrid
Nationalität S
Heimathafen Ålandsinseln
Typ Heckschiff-Klipper
Baujahr 1947
Länge (London) 25 m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles 32 m
Breite 7,1 m
Tiefgang 2 m
Segelfläche 200 m²
Motor Segel

Über das Schiff

Die Historie

ASTRID Update: To be salvaged over the next few days. Could be taken Mon Sep 2, 2013 9:44 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
Erik Abranson tallships
ASTRID Update: To be salvaged over the next few days. Could be taken to Flushing

Over the pas few days there has been a flurry of self-replicating news articles.

The Irish Coast guard have approved the salvage plan and the wreck will be lifted off and taken to a nearby port within a few days.

Some articles stop at that point. Others say she will be repaired but I suspect the writers are under the impression that salvaging" means saving. While the two expressions are etymologically closely related, salvaging does not imply saving. Salvaging a wreck usually means taking it to the breakers or removing anything of value that can be removed… It can also be the first step to resurrection.

The most trustworthy article I found is dated 31 August and quotes Pieter De Kam, the owner:


It is in Dutch. After degoogledegooking the gist of it is as follows:

The salvage is to begin as soon as possible. It is still uncertain if the brig can be repaired. An Irish company has already begun the preparations for the salvage. The insurance company will cover the salvage costs. Pieter De Kam hopes Astrid will be removed from the rocks within a fortnight. The weather as rough and one must wait fort a calm patch. Once the recovery is really underway, De Kam [who is back in the Netherlands] will be going to Ireland. He wants to keep control.

After the salvage, the ship will be taken to Flushing, says De Kam. I hope this will be in four or five weeks.

The Irish Coast Guard wants to inspect the wreck first, to determine the cause of the sinking. Then experts will determine whether Astrid can be repaired.

If the brig can be saved, De Kam intends to set up a foundation to raise the funds.

I hope that will be outcome and that De Kam succeeds. Perhaps the Irish won’t like being reminded that their State, which owned the Asgard II, made no effort to recover that brigantine, the government preferring to cash the insurance compensation and put the money in the government's general-purpose kitty.

ASTRID Update: To be salvaged over the next few days. Could be taken by Erik Abranson tallships 3.9.2013

18.9.2013 THE wreck of the sailing vessel the Astrid that sank after hitting rocks near Kinsale on July 24th is to be scrapped, the ship’s insurers have confirmed.
The Astrid ran on to rocks near the mouth of Kinsale Harbour when it lost engine power with 30 people aboard, all of whom were successfully rescued from the striken vessel.
The ship itself however could not be saved as she was badly damaged by Atlantic swells which battered the vessel against the rocks where she lay partially submerged for several weeks.
The Dutch tall ship is 95-years-old and there were hopes that she could be repaired following a successful salvage operation led by Bere Island-based Atlantic Towage.
Following an assessment of the vessel in Kinsale however the cost of restoring the Astrid was said to be too high.
Hinweis Erik Abranson tallshipsfan
Quelle http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=20923 18.9.2013