Schiffsname Blaamann
Heimathafen Kristiansund
Typ CA Redningsskøjte
Rigg Gaffelketsch
Baujahr 2002
Bauwerft Bremsnes Båtbyggeri AS Torgeirson u. Sundli
Bauort Averoy
Länge (London) 16,90 m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles 23,00 m
Breite 5,16 m
Tiefgang 2,80 m
Segelfläche 250 m²
Motor Segel
Leistung  PS

Über das Schiff

Die Historie

The history of Blaamann is relatively short as she was launched in 2002:
Blaamann was built for professional use and is approaved and certified by the Norwegian Maritime Authorities and registered in the Norwegian Ships Register ( The National Register for commercial vessels )
Blaamann is a Colin Archer Design and built as a replica of a traditional Norwegian Rescue vessel – Redningsskoyte
The ship designer and constructor Colin Archer is a woldknown name – he designed and built ships and boats famous for their sailing and manouvering abilities and for their strong construction.

The Rescue vessels were designed to sail the open waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Some of the original Colin Archer Rescue vessels (Redningsskoite) still sail world wide – all tough they are over 100 years old.

Blaamann was launched in 2002 and has been used for both buisness and pleasure. She is well maintained and has never been moored without supervision.
She has sailed the coasts of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the east coast of Germany – done several trips to Shetland, Orkneys,
Faero Island, Irland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, Porto Santos and the Acores.
She is reliable, has soul, strenght and a warm comfortably athmosphere.

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