Charles W. Morgan

Schiffsname Charles W. Morgan
Heimathafen Boston
Typ Walfangschiff
Baujahr 1841
Länge (London) m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles m
Breite m
Tiefgang m
Motor Segel

Über das Schiff

Die Historie

The Charles W. Morgan is the last of an American whaling fleet that numbered more than 2,700 vessels. Built and launched in 1841, the Morgan is now America’s oldest commercial ship still afloat – only the USS Constitution is older. Over an 80-year whaling career, the Morgan embarked on 37 voyages between 1841 and 1921, most lasting three years or more. Built for durability, not speed, she roamed every corner of the globe in her pursuit of whales. Since November 1941 the Morgan had been exhibited at Mystic Seaport, America’s great maritime open air museum. History was made during the summer of 2014 when Mystic Seaport took the last remaining wooden whaleship in the world back to sea. Following a five-year restoration, the Charles W. Morgan sailed to New England ports-of-call, raising awareness of America’s maritime heritage and calling attention to issues of ocean sustainability and conservation. Stephen C. White, President of Mystic Seaport, will tell the adventurous story of how the Morgan had been prepared for her 38th voyage.Vincent Buesch Schiffahrtsmuseum Flensburg 4.11.2014