Foto Schifffahrtsmuseum Stockholm

Nationalität GB
Heimathafen Newecastle
Typ 3-M-Motorschoner
Baujahr 1932
Bauwerft C. Lühring
Bauort Hammelwarden
Länge (London) m
Länge (Meßbrief) 44,09 m
Länge über alles 44,09 m
Breite 7,02 m
Tiefgang 3,11 m
Motor Motor
Leistung  PS

Über das Schiff

1952 verlängert und erhöht. Fuhr in den 60er Jahren noch alle Masten und Stengen. Liegt auf in Newcastle-GB, Umbau zum Frachtsegler angefangen.Kenntnisstand 1986 JK.

Die Historie

1932-73 AAR, Hamburg
später PATRICIA A., australischer Eigner.
Kenntnisstand 1986 JK.

Motorschoner AAR, wurde in den 70ern nach Newcastle verkauft (hier umbenannt in PATRICIA A.) und zu einem ‘modernen’ Frachtsegler umgebaut, der Stückgut zwischen Florida und den Bahamas transportieren sollte. Nachdem sich das Projekt lange Zeit hinzog überquerte das Schiff schließlich 1990 ausgerüstet mit Bermuda-Rigg am Vor- und Hauptmast und einem Flettner-Rotor den Atlantik und erreichte Miami.

2012 noch immmer aufliegend in Morgan City, Louisiana Hinweis Ole Pfeiler 4.10.2012

Built by C. Lühring, Hammelwarden, Yard-No.177
204 BRT, 93 NRT – 33,45 x 7,01 x 3,00m – Dg.2,70m
Engine:Humboldt Deutz Mot. AGWerk Deutz, 150 bhp, ? Kn
Launched:March 1932.Delivered:May 1932
03-05-1932 AAR Johannes Suhr, Abbenfleth/Hamburg, Deu.
1938 lengthened at Stade, 237 BRT, 114 NRT – 39,00 x 7,01 x 3,00m
1941 Kriegsmarine(military navy)
1945 returned to owner
1952 lengthened, deepened and re-engined at Stade,
now 330 BRT, 176 NRT, 470 dwt- 44,09 x 7,02 x 3,45m – Dg.3,11m
Engine:Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AG, 250 bhp, ? Kn
26-01-1956 AAR Dietrich Mangels, Grünendeich/Hamburg, Deu.
Jan.1964 AAR Heinz Freese, Barnkrug/Hamburg, Deu.
03-05-1967 AAR Erich Grothmann, Freiburg/Hamburg, Deu.
02-04-1973 AAR R. Bruderer International Yachtcharters, Panama, Pan.
1974 renamed PATRICIA A
1974 deleted from the Lloyd’s register

laid-up in the mid 70′s when she was
bought by an Australian called Robert Bruderer who wanted to rig her as a
barquentine for world wide cruising. She arrived on the River Tyne in 1974
for this work to be carried out by R. B. Harrison & Son before she crossed
the Atlantic. Unfortunately the money ran out and she was bought in 1978 by
an American Attorney called Hugh G. Lawrence for conversion to a three
masted schooner. He went to our local University for advice on stability,
rig etc and she was fitted with two 16 inch dia steel masts, a raised navigating
bridge and rebuilt poop accommodation. The money ran out again and she
appeared at various berths on the river of the next few years. Eventually
more money was found and the work was completed. On the 2nd December
1989 she loaded cargo at Newcastle Quay and left the River enroot for Miami
under the Command of Captain Mike Anderson and seven crew which included
Mike Lawrence, son of the owner. When she sailed she was Bermudan-rigged
on the fore and main mast’s and carried a Flettner rotor in her hold for fitting at
a later date. She reached Miami some time in early 1990 but we have failed to
obtain any additional information about her subsequent movements.

Information by Paul Hood, Hon. Sec. World Ship Society Tyneside Branch.

2011 heißt jetzt CLIPPER PATRICIA. Bild re. Das Schiff wurde im Herbst 2008 in Morgan City, Lousianna, USA gespottet, wo es neben einer Museums- Ölbohrplattform (the rig museum) auflag.

Literatur: H. Karting, Vom Segel zum Motor, Die Geschichte der Lühring-Werft S. 86 ff.

Hinweis Ole Pfeiler 21. Okt. 2011