Schiffsname ESTELLE
Heimathafen Turku
Typ 3 m Schoner ex Dampflogger
Baujahr 1922
Bauwerft Schulte & Bruns
Bauort Emden
Länge (London) m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles m
Breite m
Tiefgang m
Motor Segel

Über das Schiff

Bis 1954 Dampflogger, dann zum Frachtmotorschiff umgebaut. Seit 1986 keine Informationen

Die Historie

1922-54 VESTA, Emden (A.E.55)
1954-59 WESTA, Skärhamn/S
1959-61 MONICA, Skärhamn
1961-65 ESTELLE, Astol
danach ESTELLE, Borga/Fi
Informationsstand 1986 JK

weiterhin in Fahrt unter finnischer Flagge, mehr unter www.estelle.fi
Estelle is a steel-hulled 53-metre ship originally built for North Sea trawl fishing. Before being converted into a Fair Trade vessel, she spent about fifteen years hauling gravel from Vuolahti to Helsinki.

In 1985, Estelle was acquired by Eestaas Ltd and its transformation to a sailing ship began in Turku, in 1986.

Eestaas Ltd is a small, alternative shipping company established in 1985, when Estelle was bought. To date, the owners of Eestaas Ltd have been fair trade organizations, Emmaus groups, and other independent organizations, as well as private people willing to contribute.

The priority of the owners has been above all to equip Estelle to standards that are acceptable for a supply vessel operating on the

On June 2nd, 1997 Estelle was certified as a Finnish merchant vessel. At the same time, she was issued papers on a special-purpose basis (training vessel). Afterwards, she has done campaign and transport work in the Baltic and North seas.

On June 29th, 1999, Estelle was certified for ocean-going traffic, i.e. as seaworthy for all the world’s ice-free waters.

Information G.Macke 5-2011