Eve of St Mawes

Eve of Maves the flagship of Maves Pilot Cutters

Schiffsname Eve of St Mawes
Nationalität GB
Heimathafen St. Maves
Typ Pilot Cutter
Rigg Gaffelkutter
Baujahr 1997
Bauwerft Luke Powel
Bauort Exeter Canal Basin
Länge (London) 11,60 38' m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles 15,55 51' m
Breite 3,66 12' m
Tiefgang 1,90 6'20 m
Motor Segel

Über das Schiff

Eve of St Mawes Dimensions
Length on deck 38’
Length with bowsprit 51’
Beam 12’
Draught 6’ 2”
Engine 42hp
Tonnage 14
Rig Gaff Cutter
Sails: gaff mainsail, gaff topsail, staysail, working jib, flying jib, jib topsail and storm jib.

Die Historie

Pilot Cutter

Eve owes her heritage to the pilot cutters of the Isles of Scilly. Rugged and versatile craft built to withstand the rigours of the Western Approaches in comfort and safety; these little ships were fast, weatherly and immensely strong. Built in 1997 by Luke Powell of Working Sail, many people mistake Eve for an old boat; such is the sense of history within her solid new timbers. Constructed entirely traditionally from the best materials available, Eve was built to last. She has been admired, photographed and written about countless times.

Built and Designed by Luke Powell, Working Sail.
Launched April 1997 in Exeter Canal Basin.

Ekki keel, oak frames, larch planking, Douglas Fir Mast and bowsprit. The hull is fastened with copper rove nails and the seams are caulked with oakum. The deck seams are pitched. There is a lead keel as well as internal ballast.

Shipwright Luke Powell

Eve was the first pilot cutter replica built by Luke Powell. He went on to build 7 more pilot cutters – Lizzie May, Agnes, Hesper, Ezra, Amelie Rose, Talulluah and Freja. You can read about the designer and builder in his book Working Sail – My Life in Wooden Boats

Luke Powel, Working Sail, A Life in Wooden Boats
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