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Schiffsname LILLE BJØRN
Ex-Namen Fyrskib nr. XVI
Nationalität DK
Heimathafen Kopenhagen
Baujahr 1895
Länge (London) 30 m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles 48,67 (155 feet) m
Breite m
Tiefgang m
Motor Segel

Über das Schiff

Die Historie

LILLE BJØRN previously had been a Danish light house-ship FYRSKIB Nr XVI . It had then been rigged with three masts and sails by a Dane and bought by Tvind. Length overall: 155 feet. It was sailing for so-called small schools, schools for underprivileged young people.
LILLE BJØRN has been lost ca. 1982, but this was never reported by the press.
1981 or 1982 took the brigantine LILLE BJØRN to the Central American waters.
The vessel ran aground near Panama. It was totally wrecked, and by going ashore at an island, populated by Indians, pupils, staff and crew were saved.
Amdi Petersen handily managed this situation by instantly purchasing a 117 feet brigantine, the Christian Bach. The price was 1 mill. DKK.
Christian Bach was now named LILLE BJØRN. This means that pupils and crew departed Denmark on board LILLE BJØRN and returned to Denmark on board LILLE BJØRN, now transformed into a shorter vessel, and Brigantine. (This LILLE BJØRN was in 1990 given the name Spirit of Winestead). See LILLE BJØRN ex Christian Bach Bj. 1953

Extracts from a report, Written and submitted by a Tvind Teacher, to the Danish Ministry of Education on 03.12.1998.
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