Schiffsname REXONA
Nationalität NL
Heimathafen Den Helder
Typ Snurrewadenkutter
Rigg Gaffelketsch
Baujahr 1899
Bauwerft Olsen
Bauort Frederikshavn
Länge (London) 17 m
Länge (Meßbrief) m
Länge über alles m
Breite 5 m
Tiefgang 2 m
Motor Segel

Über das Schiff

Die Historie

The Rexona was built in 1899 by the shipyard Olsen in Frederikshavn. She is a Frederikshavn cutter for Seine fishing. She was registered in Frederikshavn under the name ‘Nevada’, registration number FN 57, with a motor of 12 hp, 17 meters long, 5 meters wide, depth 2 meters, 28 GNT (37 BNP). She was made of oak and had a Swedish engine. She was one of the bigger cutters.The first owner was C. Ambjørn, who sold the boat in 1916 to J. Carlsen. From 1917 she was registered in Esjberg, under registration E 365. The new owner was L.G. Jensen. S. Enevoldsen was the new owner from 1929 and he renamed her to ‘Rebekka’. In 1933 the new owner was A.C. Nielsen, who renamed her again, to ‘Karen’. In 1961 the new owner was K. Piet, who gave the present name ‘Rexona’, registered in Lemvig under registration number L 386. Other owners were V. Poulsen and from 1975-1977 N. Bech Larsen. The summer harbour was in Thyborøn. The Rexona was used as a fishing vessel until 1977 when she stopped fishing.
In 1977 she was sold to Sam (Piet) Kaptein, a Dutchman. He sailed to the Netherlands by motor power ( the Rexona had a 2 cilinder Hundested motor (96 hp) and dragged also the cutter ‘Nordstøm’ to the Netherlands. The Rexona had a wheelhouse, but no longer a mast. From 1980 the new owner was Victor van Dalen, who renovated and repaired the Rexona. He put on a new mast and sails, removed the wheelhouse and did many other reparations. In 1984 he sailed back to Esbjerg and in 1985 he made a tour to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. At this occasion he visited Lemvig, where he met the last owner and some former crew members. In 1997 the Association Rexona was established. The present homeport is Den Helder, the main Marine harbour in The Netherlands. The Rexona has been recognized as a sailing monument by the Dutch authorities (National Register Sailing Monuments, Nr. 753).